Hinged Beauty

Hinged Beauty
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This piece is in my “Dancing Lights Collection”. ~~ TITLE: Hinged Beauty ~~ SIZE: 33 x 19 inches. Designed for inside wall corner or laid flat flush to wall. Diamond shaped wood frame with center hinge. ~~ MEDIA: Professional-grade brilliant acrylic paint on 100% cotton. The photographs really do not portray the real beauty of this unique artwork. Each painting is alive with color and light. ~~ PRESENTATION: The sides are staple free and painted. The backs of the framed panels are completely finished and ready to hang in your home or office. ~~ QUALITY: The painting is NOT a print. It is original and authentic artwork. I personally sign the front. A clear coating has been applied to the surface to protect the painting. ~~ SHIPPING: UPS ~~MORE INFO: Shimmer material underneath see-through folded panel. The silver and lightly colored areas are actually reflections of the sparkle material underneath from my camera flash. A moving light source will make the multicolored reflected light dance underneath the piece. If a stationary light is used, it will sparkle when viewed from different angles. ~~The painting can be hung in any orientation and rotated whenever you what to change the look. My signature is small and unobtrusive so it will not interfere with the direction you choose to hang it.


Added: 05/29/2010


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Art by Mana

Location: Oxnard, California

Date Joined: 05/29/2010

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Professional grade acrylic on cotton
33 x 19
red, yellow, blue, white
Contemporary, Abstract, texture, different, modern art, original, fabric, dimensional

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