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Do away with "Most Popular Featured".
Posted at 2:14 pm, March 08 2011 UTC

The "featured" area people don't seem to move very fast. Make the "Most Popular", part of the "featured" so people can rotate through.

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Posted at 2:12 pm, March 08 2011 UTC

First thing you see when you log on is usually the same people. I thought your website should be a vehicle for everyone to get noticed not a chosen few and with the number of peole on your website, if your not in the "most popular featured", you are lost.

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Started by: josephsaladino 
Posted at 2:08 pm, March 08 2011 UTC

I feel this feature of your website should be changed so that artists work are rotated through this area and can be seen. The artists in this area have an unfair advantage to get their work sold by having friends and family rate their paintings to get a top seat. Everyone elses work will also be thought to be less desirable to purchase because they have no stars or less than 5. In fact I think you should do away with rating all together. What one person thinks is good is only their opinion. It's just unfair to everyone else, I'm not running down those that have 5 stars. You have made it a popularity contest not an art contest. I guess I should have all my friends rate my paintings and shut up, right? No. Make it fair to everyone.


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