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Digital Watercolors
Posted at 12:34 pm, January 26 2011 UTC

Nice! I've had a chance to play with digital watercolors---whoa! What options with such little time cleaning brushes! Opens up all kinds of new avenues to pursue...and editing with layers is incredible!
Hats off to you!

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Started by: benwizard 
Posted at 8:24 pm, December 30 2010 UTC

I like working with watercolors, though I do not work in the more "traditional" style of that medium. I like hard edged illustrative style watercolors. I used to annoy my watercolor instructor in college because I did not work in traditional fashion, but my work was always very good and interesting so he let me go that way. I am lately doing images that follow my old actual watercolor style a lot, and hopefully folks will like the results.


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