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How would you describe my art style?
Posted at 1:38 pm, July 26 2010 UTC

definitely fantasy. Interesting although not my personal cup of tea. I'd try sending some queries to galleries that include photos of pieces available for sale. Try art colonies like Provincetown (especially PTown, they are more likely to have a clientele open to your kind of subject matter. Maybe look around Miami. Don't wait for others to tell you where to go, use yellowbook and just send inquiries.

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Posted at 11:38 pm, July 25 2010 UTC

Amazing stuff! I would call it fantasy. I live in Dayton, OH and I'm sure any gallery in this town would love to have your work on display. Not a great art market here though. pretty tough to sell. online is probably your best option unless you take it to NY.

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Started by: futantshadow 
Posted at 7:05 am, July 24 2010 UTC

I have a few pieces on this site, but more can be seen at
Does anyone know of good galleries that may be interested in my work? Most of the responses say NY or Europe; but not any galleries in specific. I have a pretty unique style, and quite dark.. hard to find places to show my work!


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