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But what is the meaning of art, what is its true purpose?



Nobody can imagine their life as full without art. Art is creation, play, beauty, communication, intuition All of these are ART.

 Artists express their emotional world through art, and the spectators or readers let this world pass through the realm of their sensuality. 

 The specifics of art lie in its perceptible and image-bearing nature. Art is the sphere of feelings and sentiments of a person arising from of their direct experience. The carriers of emotions in art are images and symbols, which are organised and visualised in material of certain forms. 

Art approaches the phenomena and objects ,not merely for the purpose of representing them, but for raising emotions to stir up feelings within a persons soul. All of its products, that is, works of art, are meant to be perceived by human organs of sense, of eye or ear, and it is the senses that also help grasp the meaning and content of an artistic work.

 What art influences directly is feelings, and through the human feelings and soul it makes an impact on the personality itself. 
 Emotions in art are special:

Feelings in art pass over to a spectator through mediators, that is, from an object, to the author, the material, the interpreter, and to the recipient. Therefore the art not only mirrors the world, but also represents it, gives it an expression. 

 Feelings and emotions in real life have different colouring, both negative and positive. Emotions in art are always positive. 

Emotions in art have social implications, and they always have something in common with the original feelings experienced by every human being, so an artist never experiences merely a simple emotion, but rather a kind of a general social feeling.

Through feelings, art reaches the inner world of a human being, inspires us and makes us humane, creates a 'personality' within a person. Art can bring up and develop this personality and, as a result, solve pedagogical and psychological problems. Moreover, art is a psycho-therapeutic remedy for a soul, a means of psychological and psychic relief. It is here that art can assist medicine.
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