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I am an Antisocial Reconstructionist.
At this time, and in our minds, we will stop and scrutinize the plan, is the mission, as it is stated, from time to time, the plan has changes… what does that mean?
Simply, that when truth is delivered to us, we have an intrinsic obligation to change our behavior in concert to the truth as we have learned it. ... See More
This is what I believe.
Can there be only one truth and thus only one-way to receive and perceive it, maybe, maybe not? I would not predicate for you what your truth is, and yet, to me, it seems, thoughts are behaviors, and if truth is a thought, when it hits any one of us, none of us, ought, to ignore it, as if it don’t exist; it seems self evident to me, and yet, I can recognize it, as a more radical consideration, when actually said out loud . . .like in . . . these words . . . it is…
This is what I believe.
I have found truth is an intangible process more than a tangled dream, whisked into our joined consciousness.
A thread run through our being as one unit, but if each of us are at different points of evolution in ourselves, can we all be expected to “get it” at the same time, and so do different truths tangle up and become lies, or is it our growth we need to nourish in each other, the time to find, the truth we might all find, given the time, to be.
If we agree truth apparent as a personal measurement of rightness, then there can only be one truth for each of us, even at but only one point in time, and even in that group think, maybe, just maybe, god could be, the chance, for each of us, to unite that oneness we have autonomously, into a social thread of unity: a cognitive humanity?
This is what I believe.
I listen to piano keys, struck individually, to make a rhyme in my mind, which cannot be denied as melody.
In that infusion I can see, you and me, a reality of shared consciences devoid of any of us having a need to sacrifice, no reason to believe in prophesies, no reason to believe in heroes or messiahs sent to wash us all within blood to eat the bread of life, we simply need to bite into the world to see, smell, taste, hear and feel.
This is what I believe.
We have no need for any one of us to lay down their life for us, or sacrifice who they are, if we all agree the freedom and liberty to be who we all are, and that who each of us is, is, all right; provided we understand, with all that being said, no one of us has a right to be, free to hurt any other one of us, and yet, the utopist might outcry, the outcome of being you, implies, aggression is not a ruling trait in our consciousness’ when each of us is being who we are.
This is what I believe, and if any of this, in you may resound, I challenge you to challenge me, to see if it works for you, to see if someway you can make it fit and take only what you need from it to make the puzzle work for you.
I would not be so bold as to tell you what to do, who to be and when or where to be, that one, who you are, unless you, being you, hurts me, and then, if harm is done either way, we all concede, in the law we do agree? Constitutionality?
I believe in compromise.
Let loose the cannons of our pride.
Let’s give to each of us, the very best we, that we are, and yes, I do believe, we are, free, but not because we are born or live in a certain country.
I believe, being in a political party or joining in a religious group does not make us free; being a hippy or belief in anarchy does not make us free, and not one of these beliefs, I think, can give any one of us the sovereignty, to subjugate the enjoining of each of us, to be free enough to be, the persons that we are, in our autonomy and in our unity, we live as free in our community.
First free to be.
From conception to death, I do believe, that life is as a being, and too, I do believe, what makes each of us free, is simply that we be.
“I think, therefore I am.”
And if I said, “I say, ‘“I am, therefore, I’m free,”’ would you agree, as a part of the whole, and too, as self-directed, with the protection of you as your goal, that you are free, and not because of the country you come from, nor because you have the vote, or because they say let’s go, nor by the fact that I say it is so?
I could go on; at last, the song has withered to naught…piano keys.
I must move on.
The needle bops up and down.
I take a pebble from my mind.
I hand it to you, and ask again, with the world on our shoulders, can we see that each of us standing on our own, as people that love ourselves, can join in goodness and make each interaction with each other god, and pass it on, in our lives, and free to explore our godness inside, simply by being ourselves?
. . .so, at this time, and in our minds, we will stop and scrutinize the plan, just means, as we learn things, our lives change, and we have the ability to be, in the driver’s seat, and not the one being driven, and that, true friends is Antisocial Reconstructionism in its simplicity.
I am an Antisocial Reconstructionist.
This is what I believe

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